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 Jingsong Chen 
        (Ph.D., J.D. Esq.)

     B.A. in Chinese Literature
     M.A. in Chinese Theatre (1984)
     Ph. D. in California in Comparative Literature (1992)
     J.D. from California Law School

     California Supreme Court appearance
     American Federal Court appearance

Jingsong Chen was born in Yizhen City , Jiangsu Province of China . He received his B.A. degree in Chinese literature and language from the Yang Zhou University in 1982, his M.A. in Chinese Theatre from the Beijing Chinese Arts Academy in 1984. In 1986, Mr. Chen went to Canada to study the European theatre in the Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria . He transferred to the University of California at Riverside to study comparative literature in 1988 and graduated with his Ph.D. in comparative literature in 1992. In 2006, he received his J.D. from California Southern Law School. Now Mr. Chen is a Chinese professor at the University of California at Riverside . He also is a licensed lawyer with his own law office Law Offices of Jingsong Chen at the state of California .

Jingsong Chen has been living in America for 20 years now. He received his Ph.D. and J.D. from famous American universities. Working both as a professor and lawyer, he has very profound understanding of the American society, especially the lives of Chinese new immigrants, including their struggles and successes, sadness and joys.

Jingsong Chens unique culture backgrounds and rich personal experience, coupled with his 20-years working experience as a professional court interpreter and working relationship with a group of highly experienced American lawyers, will certainly help those new immigrants not only to survive, but prevail in this new exciting society.

It is our ultimate goal to serve our client and help them to settle down and succeed in America . Being professional, compassionate, and timely are our working ethics.

20 years of court appearance and interpretation; Cooperation of high caliber American lawyers;

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